There is no such thing as “the perfect mom” - there are only moms trying to do the best they can.

As moms, we need to get rid of the overblown expectations put on us by ourselves and others and  embrace motherhood...we all need to support each other in this!


The mothers I have been coaching overwhelmingly agree that they don't have the time or energy for visiting all the hundreds of websites out there for moms - what they end up with is information overload. 

All they want to know is simply -  what works, what doesn't!

They want to hear it from a mom who has spent years raising children and managing a home and knows from experience, as well as from coaching moms, what works and what doesn't...that is what I have to share with you.

What doesn't work is telling your younger children to brush their teeth, get their pajamas on and get ready for bed.  What does work is to say,  “brush your teeth, get your pajamas on and get ready to read.” Watch the response - it will amaze you!

When you are carpooling your young teenage kids and their friends, don't utter a word...just drive.  It doesn't work to try to be part of the conversation.  If you are silent, your kids will forget you are there and you will hear more about their lives and what is going on at school and learn more about their friends than you ever even wanted to know!

What doesn't work is putting your kids first and yourself last...and your marriage after that. What works is taking care of yourself first and then your marriage, so the two of you can be a supportive, loving team to effectively parent your children. This doesn't mean you love your husband or children any less, or even yourself more.  It means you love them all enough to make sure you stay around - healthy and happy.



The opportunity to be coached by Dee has changed the quality of my life.  As a mother of four children ranging in age from 3 to 15,  I chose to put my family first not realizing that by doing this I was putting myself last. 

Through coaching, I have learned that when I pay attention to my needs and values, I can create a life that fulfills me and therefore blesses my family.  It is the best gift I have given my family.  I make choices to fill myself with what truly makes me feel like I am living and not just existing...a difference I could never live without now! 

Thank you Dee!

Marie-Anne B
Homemaker/ Graduate Studies

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