The most common thread between moms – working moms or stay-at-home moms - is how to balance it all and hold it all together.  How to be in control of your life instead of your life controlling you.  Two very important action steps can help balance your life: delegate and say “no”.  Carolyn, a coaching client, worked with me to find balance in her life.  She was highly effective at work, delegating to her employees because she was the one in control.  Because she knew what jobs had to be done and how to do them, she could delegate the jobs to others. 

But at home, Carolyn was out of control and overwhelmed.  Because she wasn't sure what had to be done or how to do it, she couldn't delegate to anyone – she simply tried to do it all herself.  Bringing her work skills into the home environment enabled Carolyn to bring her delegating skills home to the family.  She knew she had to be the one in control.  As an example, she began the habit of updating and then looking at her calendar daily so she knew what needed to happen in her home and when.  Like  work, once she established control by seeing the big picture, she could break down what needed to be accomplished into smaller pieces and delegate  to family, husband, friends, babysitters, etc.  Once in control, Carolyn was able to delegate and find balance in her life – out of control, she had no choice but to do it all herself; and therefore balance became impossible.

The second step to finding balance and to help Carolyn stay in control was learning how to say “no”.  You must say “no” to others in order to say “yes” to yourself. This doesn't come easily for moms!  If you say yes to everything, at some point you realize that those you love most are losing out.  You become exhausted and overwhelmed and as a result your family life suffers.  Most stress and imbalance comes from saying yes to everything. It's like a full closet – something has to come out to make room for something else to go in.  As Carolyn learned to say no to others, she made room to say yes to herself.  When you say yes to you, your family benefits because you are less stressed and you are now bringing some balance into your life.  Delegate and say no – try it and see if you don't find more balance in your day!







The opportunity to be coached by Dee has changed the quality of my life.  As a mother of four children ranging in age from 3 to 15,  I chose to put my family first not realizing that by doing this I was putting myself last. 

Through coaching, I have learned that when I pay attention to my needs and values, I can create a life that fulfills me and therefore blesses my family.  It is the best gift I have given my family.  I make choices to fill myself with what truly makes me feel like I am living and not just existing...a difference I could never live without now! 

Thank you Dee!

Marie-Anne B
Homemaker/ Graduate Studies

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