Dee has been such a gift from heaven!  I am so grateful that our paths crossed a number of years ago and after coaching with her I still find myself using the tools she taught me.  I am a work from home mom of 4 small children and it has been those same tools that have helped me to be a more focused and present Mother, a more effective business owner, and a kinder friend, Sister and Wife.  Because of Dee's guidance I have been able to weave all of the life skills into every area of my life.  I will always be grateful!

Amber O
Homemaker/Sales Consultant


Over two and a half years’ time, consistently speaking every two weeks, Dee and I together climbed a ladder, rung by rung. It was nothing short of life-changing, and we even laughed, regularly. Identifying values and needs was where we set the ladder, with prompting tools to assess progress and identify obstacles. Through knowing myself, seeing my loveability, we were able to manifest: a business advising artists, improved mental and physical health, an end to my dysfunctional marriage, a vastly improved relationship with my teenage daughter, improved money management and organizational techniques, and spiritual growth. With Dee’s help I faced fears, established boundaries, devised action plans, cleared space . . . and perceived that there is enough, in this moment. The work Dee does is golden. I am forever grateful.

Tay H
Artist Consultant

Coaching with Dee is the greatest thing I ever did for myself!  The best part was to learn how to set boundaries.

Interior Designer

Dee was a huge help to me at a time when I really didn't know what direction to go - she helped me to clarify what really mattered to me, encouraged me to pursue some new interests and made me accountable to myself with deadlines and assignments.  A year later I was accepted to grad school at Harvard in a field that I had a lot of heart for but almost no relevant experience.  Thank you Dee for helping me to get out of my rut, see a bit more clearly how to move ahead, and encouraging me to achieve what seemed at the time to be impossible. 

Lisa B

With the guidance of Dee as my coach, I was able to explore my potential, to expand in broader ways and to set and reach personal goals.  Setting reasonable goals is helping me to keep my writing on track.  My interest in sketching was reawakened, and I'm now focusing on a nature notebook of sketches and accompanying observations.  I could go on and on!

Jewell C

My coach is a wonderful mentor and a great support to me. She has encouraged me and moved me forward to answers that I needed. Thank you Dee, for caring for me, empowering me and helping me navigate life’s demands.

Ellen B



The opportunity to be coached by Dee has changed the quality of my life.  As a mother of four children ranging in age from 3 to 15,  I chose to put my family first not realizing that by doing this I was putting myself last. 

Through coaching, I have learned that when I pay attention to my needs and values, I can create a life that fulfills me and therefore blesses my family.  It is the best gift I have given my family.  I make choices to fill myself with what truly makes me feel like I am living and not just existing...a difference I could never live without now! 

Thank you Dee!

Marie-Anne B
Homemaker/ Graduate Studies

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