Kendra had three children – 2, 5, and 7.  She felt stuck and was sinking ever deeper into a funk.  Why? She was “pouring out” and not taking time for “filling up”.  She couldn't keep giving of her time and energy and not take some time for herself to re-energize and revitalize. 

We talked about how moms have to learn how to take care of themselves first, and then the rest of the family will benefit. Women have been educated not only to put themselves last, but not to put themselves firstSomewhere along the way it has become a sign of selfishness for moms to put themselves first.  This couldn't be further from the truth!  You have heard of the “oxygen in the airplane” example - the stewardess tells you to put the oxygen mask on first before you can be of any help to the child sitting next to you.  This is self care.  If you don't take care of yourself first, everyone in your family will suffer.  This is how it works – the happier and less overwhelmed you are, the better partner you will be to your husband (who is second), and as a result you will both be a happier and more successful parenting team for your children (who are third).  This doesn't mean you love your husband or children any less, or even yourself more.  It means you love them all enough to make sure you stay around - healthy and happy.

To take the action steps needed for Kendra to begin to learn self care I asked her the question, “Before kids, what used to make you smile?”  She said, running, riding her bike and having dinner with her girlfriends.  These were things that gave her energy in her days before children.  So we worked together to discover how to make time once again in her life to renew these activities.  First, to start running again, she developed the habit of getting up an hour earlier four mornings a week (which required going to bed earlier!).  This worked because her husband was home when the kids woke up.  Second, she bought a child's bike trailer for her bike and three times a week while her older children were in school, she took the two-year-old with her on a nearby bike trail.  And third, to see her girlfriends more often - a piece of Kendra's life that had been missing for years – she made it a priority to schedule on her calendar “time with girlfriends.”  This is most important...if you don't schedule time for you on your calendar, it will never happen.  There will always be reasons for not putting yourself first, and that is exactly why moms consistently put their needs last after everyone else and don't take care of themselves.  It should be a top priority in self care for women to talk, share, and learn from one another -  it is vital to your success as a mom - not to mention your mental stability!

When Kendra made it a priority to take care of herself by taking some action steps to put herself first, she no longer felt stuck and instead was “filled up” and re-energized.  This resulted in a much more effective and satisfied mom.







The opportunity to be coached by Dee has changed the quality of my life.  As a mother of four children ranging in age from 3 to 15,  I chose to put my family first not realizing that by doing this I was putting myself last. 

Through coaching, I have learned that when I pay attention to my needs and values, I can create a life that fulfills me and therefore blesses my family.  It is the best gift I have given my family.  I make choices to fill myself with what truly makes me feel like I am living and not just existing...a difference I could never live without now! 

Thank you Dee!

Marie-Anne B
Homemaker/ Graduate Studies

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